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«Maria Callas and La Scala»

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The Athens Concert Hall Organization – Teatro Alla Scala-Milan

«Maria Callas and La Scala »

In the memorandum of cultural cooperation between the Concert Hall and Milan’s “La Scala” opera house, a major exhibition on Maria Callas and her historical appearances in La Scala, is planned as a parallel event to the performances of Donizetti’s opera “Maria Stuarda”. 
Entitled “Maria Callas and La Scala”, this exhibition includes a large number of rare costumes worn by Callas in her great operatic roles, as well as photographs, objects, videos and original recordings of her performances. There will also be a section dedicated to the history of La Scala, the centre of world opera. This prestigious material has never been presented outside Italy.

Curator: Efi Andreadis

Photos, costumes and properties of the Teatro alla Scala di Milano

The exhibition will be closed
– Friday 25 March 
– Thursday 21 to Tuesday 26 April 
– Sunday 1 May

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