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Mary-Ellen Nesi, Vito Priante, Dimitris Yakas Songs of Love



The German lied and the French mélodie are at the heart of 19th-century romantic vocal music. Under the respective wings of German and French poetry, which as expected illuminate the music’s aesthetic path, composers and performers leave behind all masterful fermatas, all pompous rhetoric and all artificial melodic affectations. With sincerity, directness and austere means that focus on the most spontaneous and unaffected musical beauty, singers and pianists unravel whole worlds in just a few minutes. Mary-Ellen Nesi and Vito Priante, apart from their glorious international careers in the lyrical theatres of the world, have often proved their love and devotion to the nuanced world of scholarly singing. Accompanied by Dimitris Giakas, a leading Greek vocal accompanist, they share great pages of the relevant repertoire with the audience.


mezzo- soprano

Mary-Ellen Nesi


Vito Priante


Dimitris Yakas


Works by Schumann, Fauré, Brahms, Chaminade, Massenet, Duparc, Gounod.


R. Schumann: Er und sie (duet) (Op.78 /2)
G. Fauré: Chanson d’ amour (Op. 27/1)
Nell (Op.18 /1)
Fleur jetée (Op.39 /2) -Mαίρη-Έλεν Νέζη
G.Fauré: Puisqu’ici bas tout ame (duet) (Op. 10)
R.Schumann: Unterm Fenster (duet) (Op.34)
J. Brahms: Unüberwindlich (Op 72 /5)
Alte Liebe (Op.72 /1)
Wenn ich mit Menschen (Op.121 /1)-Vito Priante
R. Schumann: In der Nacht (duet) (Op.74/4)
C. Chaminade: Barcarolle (Op.62)

J. Massenet: Les fleurs (duet)
H. Duparc: La vie antérieure
G.Fauré: Après un rêve (Op.7)
Les berceaux (Op.23 /1) -Vito Priante
Ch. Gounod: D’un coeur qui t’aime (duet)
R. Schumann: So wahr die Sonne scheinet (duet) (Op.37 /12)
J. Brahms: Die Mainacht (Op.43 /2)
Von ewiger Liebe (Op.43 /1)
Vergebliches Ständchen (Op.84 /4) -Mαίρη-Έλεν Νέζη
R. Schumann: Ich bin dein Baum (duet) (Op.101 /3)
Die tausend Grüsse (duet) (Op.101 /7)
C. Chaminade: Joie d’aimer (duet) (Op.102)


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