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Meet the Athens Concert Hall Organ!

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A real feast of organ music with onstage tours for young and old, musical events around the small organ in the foyer, and a concert, with Ourania Gassiou and Eleni Keventsidou at the magnificent Megaron organ.
The glorious evening will open with a well-known piece for church organ: Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor that we loved as children in Walt Disney’s Fantasia. A spectacular array of compositions and timbres, and a unique opportunity to become acquainted with the amazing evolution of the hydraulis, created in Alexandria twenty-four centuries ago by Greek inventor and mathematician Ctesibius.

– Johann Sebastian Bach: Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV565 
– Dietrich Buxtehude: Chaconne in E minor, BuxWV 160
– Charles-Marie Widor: Allegro Vivace, from Symphony No. 5
– Johann Sebastian Bach: Concerto in G major, BWV 592 
– Jean Langlais: Chant de paix  
– César Franck: Chorale No. 3 in A minor

Organ, guided tours, supervision Ourania Gassiou
 With the participation of Eleni Keventsidou, Michalis Katsaros, and Stratos Gioulbanoglou 

In the Foyer, children and adults can become acquainted with the Concert Hall’s small pipe organ.
The number of participants in the guided tours of the Christos Lambrakis Hall will be limited.
Information about times and bookings at 210 7282 333.


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