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Prima Facie

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Prima Facie National Theatre Live

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Prima Facie by Suzie Miller.

EMMY and BAFTA winner Jodie Comer recently made her stage debut at London’s West End, as the lead in the play written by Suzie Miller and directed by Justin Martin. Prima Facie was first staged in 2019 in Sydney, Australia, where it garnered three Australian Writers’ Guild Awards. Tessa is a young, brilliant, “thoroughbred” barrister. Coming from a working-class family, she works hard and becomes one of the best barristers in her field: defending, cross-examining, winning cases. An unexpected event forces her to face the patriarchal authority of the law, the burden of proof and the issue of morality.


In collaboration with the British Council in Greece

and the British Embassy in Athens


In English with Greek subtitles



Directed by

Justin Martin


Jodie Comer


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