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Nikos Kazantzakis’ Winged Horse

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8 December, 15:00

In collaboration with Kazantzakis Editions

Megaron for Children presents a never-before published fairy story by Nikos Kazantzakis in an exciting theatrical adaptation by Vassilis Mavrogeorgiou. A fairy story penned by the imagination of the Cretan writer, it’s a journey to the magic of the Far East, for children and adults. The story unfolds engaging the little viewers, evoking in song a world populated by kings and princesses, magicians and dervishes, pedlars and caravans.

Director: Vassilis Mavrogeorgiou
Theatrical adaptation: Andri Theodotou
Music: Nikos Kypourgos
Set designer: Thaleia Melissa
Costume designer: Ifigeneia Daoudaki
Movement director: Elena Gerodimou
Lighting: Stella Kaltsou
Fight choreographer: Thanos Dermatis
Assistant director: Chryssa Vakali
Scientific advisor: Nikos Mathioudakis

Featuring performers:
Michalis Vrettos, Thanassis Dovris, Orfeas Zafeiropoulos, Michalis Koilakos, Irene Konstantinou, Sotiris Mentzelos, Giannis Bisbikopoulos, Grigoris Poimenidis, Giorgos Tsourmas, Giorgos Fountoukos, Thanassis Halkias, Stelios Hatzigeorgiou

– For children aged 5+
– Seats are not numbered

Daily shows for schools and groups
Information + 30 210 8668572 – 210 8665144 (tel & fax)

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