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The appearance of German composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Nils Frahm at the Athens Concert Hall is part of a highly successful world tour. A live show of musical virtuosity with a rare combination of classical and electronic music produced by synths, drum machines, and piano.
Born in Hamburg and based in Berlin, he is an internationally sought-after inventor of sound in the contemporary music scene. This gifted virtuoso enthralls audiences with his unusual avant-garde approach, unsurpassable technique, emotion, and verve.
A versatile producer, he made his discographic debut in 2009 with Wintermusik and The Bells, followed by 7fingers, in collaboration with classically educated composer Anne Müller, Felt, the solo EP Juno, and Wonders. In 2012, while convalescing from a serious thumb injury, he recorded the album Works, a gift to his fans on his birthday. The year 2013 saw the release of Spaces—a personal love of Nils’ for experimentation and innovation—as well as his first musical book entitled Sheets Eins. In 2015, he founded Piano Day, a yearly international project dedicated to the piano, with innovative activities, ideas, and events all over the world. The first project of the Piano Day team was the construction of the highest piano in the world, Klavins 450. In the same year, he composed the soundtrack of Sebastian Schipper’s movie Victoria, winning the German Film Award. His longtime collaboration with successful Icelandic multi-instrumentalist and producer Ólafur Arnalds resulted in the album Collaborative Works.
Between composing the soundtrack to the short film Ellis by JR and organizing the Barbican Weekend Festival on the one hand, and the publication of his second musical book Sheets Zwei on the other, Nils Frahm has proved his unique ability to develop and experiment, winning his rightful place among the most important contemporary classical composers.

Produced by THE HUB EVENTS S.A.

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