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Pavlina Voulgaraki “Against all, with you”

Παυλινα Βουλγαρακη


The unique performer and singer-songwriter of alternative pop and rock music, is in a creative phase of great inner change that also marks an “artistic rebirth”!

More ready than ever to express her most dynamic and authentic self on stage and in the new songs she is preparing, which are expected to pleasantly surprise us!

Pavlina Voulgaraki’s new musical proposals will be released in the next period and she will present them for the first time to the audience of Athens in the unique “Garden of Megaron”.


Pavlina has chosen as the title of the show “Against all, with you”, a lyric from the wonderful song she has written with Dimitra Galani, “Thousand Lives”.


The title of the show is highly symbolic, as against what we have been used to so far, it will make us partakers of great change and intense artistic expression, while exploring uncharted musical paths.


Co-production: Athens Concert Hall & Novel Vox


Event Sponsor at the Garden


Events at the Megaron Garden are held on the green. Spectators are welcome to bring pillows or throws.

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