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Pavlos Carrer: Frosyni

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The director and choreographer Zoe Hatziantoniou has joined forces with the ‘Rafí’ Musical Theatre Group to produce this version of the romantic melodrama by Pavlos Carrer entitled Frosyni or Ali Pasha’s Revenge. This masterpiece of the Heptanesian School is presented live for the first time since it was last staged one hundred years ago, in a production that brings together a mixture of creative and pioneering forces from the domestic art scene.   

Love and death, youth and old age, power and submission, the interplay between man and woman, faith and obedience: these are the themes which structure Zoe Hatziantoniou’s directorial approach in this, her first collaboration with the ‘Rafí’ Musical Theatre Group.

Director: Zoe Hatziantoniou
Arrangement – Musical direction: Michalis Papapetrou
Set & Costume designer: Petros Touloudis
Lighting designer: Alekos Yiannaros
Video: Stathis Athanasiou
Assistant director: Andreas Andreou
Music Coaching: Thanos Marghetis

Singers: Sotiris Triantis, Lito Messini, Yiannis Filias, Anastasia Kotsali, Yiannis Selitsaniotis
Musicians: Guido de Flaviis, Antonis Hatzinikolaou, Charis Pazaroulas, Angela Giannaki, Giorgos Lolas

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