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Paddington Bear’s First Concert

Peter and the Wolf &
Paddington Bear’s First Concert

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The Athens Concert Hall Organization
Lykos Productions

The magic of classical music and the atmospheric images of the Swedish painter Daniel Egnéus and the award-winning Greek director and animator Effie Pappa bring to life our favourite heroes in these two wonderful musical fairy tales: the classical work of Sergei Prokofiev Peter and the Wolf and Paddington Bear’s First Concert by the well-known British composer Herbert Chappell, staged for the first time in Greece.

Narrator: Konstantinos Markoulakis

Illustration: Daniel Egnéus
Animation Director: Effie Pappa
Artistic supervisor: Dikran Ovakimian

The musicians of the Armonia Atenea -Friends of music orchestra
Conductor: Zoe Zeniodi

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