Piano in Love With Manos Kitsikopoulos and Makis Provatas



A pianistic tribute to love’s great composers and authors.

Award-winning pianist Manos Kitsikopoulos selects and performs the most beloved piano pieces, composing the soundtrack of love. Dedications by great composers, letters, dreams and myths bring into focus the qualities of eros and love. From anticipating one’s love interest and the desire to claim them, to love’s ecstasy, pain and self-sacrifice, as expressed by Franz Liszt, Manos Hadjidakis, Astor Piazzola, Franz Schubert and Claude Debussy, as well as by The Beatles and Radiohead. A tribute to love, from the Romantic period, the waltzes and the tangos, to Impressionism and contemporary pop music. The musical part is accompanied by a small “stage” on which a live radio show is taking place, curated and presented by journalist Makis Provatas. The radio part is intertwined with the musical one, building a dynamic relationship with the audience. The action in the radio show intervenes in the flow of the musical pieces, presenting texts from the world literature and cinema, interspersed with news stories both unimpressive and sensational.

Co-produced by Educational and Research Centre for the Greek Culture (MEKEP)

Megaron the Athens Concert Hall


σςςετ ανδ σπιψυ διννερ 2

Before or after Piano in Love, enjoy sweet and spicy flavours at the MCafé (from 19:00 to 24:00).

Menu for 2:

• Cheese & cold cut plateau, dessert, 2 glasses of Prosecco or 1 bottle of wine, 25€ / person
• Sweet flavours: Chocolate cake or Pavlova and 2 glasses of Moscato d’Αsti, 8€ / person
• Salty flavours: Cheese & cold cut plateau, breadsticks and 2 glasses of Prosecco, 10€ / person

For reservations please call: 210 7282488, 6937 085604

Ticket holders for Piano in Love have priority in booking.



Makis Provatas



Manos Kitsikopoulos



Bill Evans: Waltz for Debby (transcription: Manos Kitsikopoulos)

Astor Piazzolla: Oblivion

Four Seasons of the Buenos Aires: Verano Porteno

(transcription: Manos Kitsikopoulos)

Franz Schubert/F. Liszt: Gretchen Am Spinnrade, D. 118

The Beatles: Norwegian Wood (transcription: Manos Kitsikopoulos)

Claude Debussy: L’isle joyeuse (1904)


Radiohead: Exit Music, (transcription: Manos Kitsikopoulos)

Franz Liszt: Ballade No. 2

Mephisto Waltz






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