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Piano Masters: Ivo Pogorelich

Ivo Pogorelich


Ivo Pogorelich became world-famous in 1980, when he was scandalously eliminated from the final round of the International Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw. This episode marked the start of a legendary career, during which he divided music lovers with his innovative interpretations, as no one before him had. Conservatives hated him and progressives loved him; yet no one could – and still cannot to this day – remain indifferent to his iconoclastic interpretative approaches and to his expressive capabilities that know no boundaries. Chopin’s pianistic oeuvre remains always at the very core of Pogorelich’s repertoire and every one of his encounters with it is a unique experience for the listener. Perhaps scandalising, but surely sensational and one that is indelibly printed in memory.




Frédéric Chopin

Barcarolle in F-sharp major, Opus 60

Piano Sonata in B minor, Οpus 58

Fantaisie, Οpus 49

Polonaise-fantaisie in A-flat major Opus 61

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