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‘Requiem, a choreographed portrait’ Alexis Tsiamoglou / RoughCut

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Requiem is a choreographed portrait of the dancer, functioning as her personal obituary. The wooden floor is the canvas upon which the basic material, i.e. the body and the experiences of the dancer, is applied.
In contrast to painting, the choreographed portrait is perceived as a process, as the choreographic point of view captures gestures, moods, and intentions.
The acoustic background of the performance varies between song, narrative and documentary.

Concept and Choreography Alexis Tsiamoglou
Dancer Niovi Benou
Music Sonny Touch
Costume and set designer Stella Grekioti
Lighting designer Eleni Houmou
Art direction RoughCut

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INK (2020), Dimitris Papaioannou, photo ©Julian Mommert


Dimitris Papaioannou: INK

The performances are now sold out. We will inform you as soon as more...

Organizer: Megaron Athens Concert Hall

12 - 27.01.2023


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