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Screening of the concert of the Vienna Philharmonic with Leonidas Kavakos conducted by Herbert Blomstedt From the Musikverein of Vienna

Blomstedt, Kavakos Abokonzert_(c) Terry Linke_


Leonidas Kavakos in works by Johannes Brahms and Johann Sebastian Bach from Vienna’s famous Musikverein. In the same concert, the renowned Austrian ensemble also presents Carl Nielsen’s Fifth Symphony under Swedish conductor Herbert Blomstedt .

Although Herbert Blomstedt made his debut with the famous Vienna Philharmonic at an old age, he became one of the most beloved conductors of the Viennese ensemble. In fact, he was recently awarded the title of honorary member of the orchestra. In his concert with the Vienna Philharmonic, Blomstedt presents one of the most representative works of the Scandinavian School, the Danish composer Carl Nielsen’s Symphony No. 5. Blomstedt says: “Carl Nielsen’s music exudes something special, something immeasurable. It brims with Danish humour: it is at once very serious and very comic, and at the same time sublime. The Fifth was written between 1920 and 1922 and is considered one of Nielsen’s greatest symphonic compositions. An original work, compositionally speaking, but also complex, it combines Romanticism and Modernism in an imaginative way.

At the opposite end of Carl Nielsen’s exciting experimentation is Johannes Brahms’ Violin Concerto, one of the most beloved and much-played works ever written for violin and orchestra.

One of the special features of the concerto is its extraordinary depth of sound, which is due to the composer’s use of the violin’s low registers. Brahms was inspired by the astonishing mastery of the masterful Hungarian violinist Joseph Joachim. It was for him, after all, that this challenging work was written, which impressively demonstrates both the virtuosic abilities and the musicality of the individual soloist.

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Leonidas Kavakos

The Vienna Philharmonic


Herbert Blomstedt

Video director: Jakob Pitzer


Johannes Brahms: Violin Concerto in d major, opus 77

J.S. Bach: Partita no 1 in b minor, BWV 1002: III. Sarabande – Double

Carl Nielsen: Symphony no 5, opus 50


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