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Shadows on the Stave Colours of the West and Perfumes of the East

Σκιές στο πεντάγραμμο


How can an orchestra of traditional instruments interpret Beethoven? Can baroque music and rebétiko fit together on the same stage? How does an aria turn into an amané? Is it possible to find, in the same story, songs by unknown creators which spread by word of mouth and works by well-known classical composers? Elias Karellas returns to Megaron with a brand new proposal for children: a performance-educational programme that combines opera, classical and traditional music, the Greek Karagiozis and the modern shadow puppet theatre. Drawing inspiration from sources ranging from Richard Strauss and The Woman without a Shadow to One Thousand and One Nights, the beloved shadow-figure player and director creates a magical and welcoming two-dimensional universe. Here the notes dance freely on the staff, D minor meets the folk music’s modes and the taxims, the ears buzz in admiration and the soul sings. Elias Karellas takes us to the crossroads of East and West, using music as his compass. Areti Ketime’s wonderful voice and santoor meet soprano Angeliki Zoe Karagouni in a partnesrhip that is as eclectic as it is subversive.


Co-produced by

Elias Karellas Shadow Theatre Company

Megaron the Athens Concert Hall



Daily performances
Monday – Friday 10:30


+30 210 7777104 & 124




Shadow Thetre Performance

Elias Karellas




song, santoor

Areti Ketime

lyrical song, saxophone

Angeliki Zoe Karagouni


with the participation of

Charis Tsalpara  voice, accordion

Theodora Athanassiou guitar, lavta, saz, voice

Nikolas Tzivelekis shodow- figuer player



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