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Children’s music and picture workshop

Children’s music and picture workshop

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Musical pictures from Vivaldi, Saint-Saëns, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Debussy and other famous composers of classical music will inspire the imagination of children to create their own pictures, using not only a variety of handicraft materials but also materials from everyday objects transforming them into their own artworks.

The workshops are coordinated by Sofia Topouzi and Markos Blatsios

Thematic sessions:
1st – The Seasons: Autumn / Sunday 8 November
2nd – Rain (and sunshine)/ Sunday 22 November
3rd – The Seasons: Winter / Sunday 13 December
4th – Animals / Sunday 24 January 
5th – Birds / Sunday 7 February
6th – The Seasons: Spring / Sunday 21 February 
7th – The Seasons: Summer / Sunday 6 Μarch 
8th – Water (rivers and sea)/ Sunday 3 Αpril

Applications: 1 – 27 October

Tel. 210 7282348, 210 7282363
10 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday

Cost of attending all 8 sessions: € 80

Applicants will be accepted strictly in order of registration


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