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A music and visual arts workshop for children ages 6-9

This music and visual arts workshop invites children to transform into images stories told in music by famous classical composers. Our little friends become acquainted with the music of A. Vivaldi, C. Sain- Saëns, L.v. Beethoven, P.I. Tchaikovsky, C. Debussy, N. Skalkottas, F. Chopin, and other well-known composers and turn into artistic creations the year’s seasons, the animals, the birds, the rain, the sunshine, the rivers, the sea, the mountains, the night and so much more.

The workshops are coordinated by Sofia Topouzi and Markos Blatsios

Themed meetings:
-The seasons: Autumn, Su 5/11/17
-Rain and sunshine, Su 19/11/17
-Christmas, Su 10/12/17
-The seasons: Winter, Su 14/1/18
-Birds and animals, Su 21/1/18
-The night, Su 4/2/18
-The seasons: Spring, Su 25/2/18
-The seasons: Summer (by the sea), Su 11/3/18

Applications: 2 – 11 October

Tel. 210 7282348, 210 7282363
10 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday

Cost of attending all 8 sessions: € 80

Applicants will be accepted strictly in order of registration

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