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Splendidissima Gemma: Recomposing Hildegard

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Vocal ensemble Canto Soave, dedicated to Medieval and Renaissance music, unites forces with Constantine Skourlis and Themelis Glynatsis in a mind-blowing musical performance inspired from the oeuvre and the personality of Hildegard von Bingen: a remarkable female figure of the Middle Ages, poetess, composer, polymath, philosopher, healer, she entered monastic life at the age of eight. In her works, religious vision converses with music, physiology, religious iconography of rare aesthetic boldness, and an enormous amount of correspondence. At the same time, Hildegard developed an individual style in hymns of peerless beauty that explore the capabilities of religious music, the human voice, and the psychoacoustic experience. An impressive aspect of her work is her exculpatory treatment of the female body and female sexuality, as well as the creation of a purely feminine tradition in the visionary experience, poetry, and musical composition.

Canto Soave

Maira Milolidaki soprano
Natasha Angelopoulou soprano
Effi Minakoulis mezzo-soprano
Katerina Ktona psaltery / organetto / vielle à roue

Musical Concept–Interpretation Canto Soave

Composition–Electronics Constantine Skourlis
Director Themelis Glynatsis
Set and Costume Designer Alexia Theodoraki
Lighting Designer Stella Kaltsou
Video Marios Gambierakis, Chrysoula Korovessi
Sound Engineer–Sound Consultant Michalis Moschoutis
Contact Person Evangelia Skrombola


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