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Stefano Bollani Solo in Athens

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The famous Italian pianist Stefano Bollani is considered by many to be a musical authority. With a career spanning decades, his virtuosity and creative genius have captivated jazz lovers around the world. In his solo performance at the Concert Hall, audiences will discover the magic of a performer who seamlessly combines classical elegance with the free spirit of jazz, and beyond. Stefano Bollani has the grace to weave a musical tapestry that blossoms with creativity and emotion.

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Liszt In the Centre

Groundbreaking composer, transcendent pianist – the greatest in his time, if not in the entire history of music – pioneering creator, great conductor, “inventor” of the solo recital as we know it today, a constant collaborator and sincere friend to all the great composers of his time, Franz Liszt (1811-1886) is an entirely fitting theme for this year’s piano weekend. A central, but not exclusive theme: as last year, the weekend is full of different and varied offerings, giving the audience the opportunity to get to know the instrument, its literature and its performers without barriers or prejudices.



Stefano Bollani

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