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Straight Line Crazy National Theatre Live

NTL 2022 Straight Line Crazy


Straight Line Crazy by David Hare.

For forty uninterrupted years, Robert Moses manipulates those in office through a mix of charm and intimidation. Motivated at first by the ambition to improve the lives of New York City’s workers, he creates parks, bridges and 627 miles of expressway to connect the people to the great outdoors. But when groups of protesters appear campaigning for a very different idea of what the city should become, the strength of democracy will be tested against the unyielding will of the charismatic urban planner. Nicholas Hytner directs David Hare’s new play at London’s Bridge Theatre.


In collaboration with

British Council Greece
British Embassy Athens



Nicholas Hytner


Ralph Fiennes

Helen Schlesinger

Alana Maria

Mary Stillwagon-Stewart

Danny Webb

Samuel Barnett


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