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Music for our Eyes!

Sunday Morning at Megaron:
Music for our Eyes!

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What could the young wizard Harry Potter, the ingenious archaeologist Indiana Jones, and the lovable extraterrestrial E.T. have in common? The music that accompanies the adventures of these favourite movie heroes bears the signature of US musician John Williams, one of the greatest film score composers of all time.
Conductor Konstantinos Diminakis and the Athens State Orchestra invite you to a celebration of this magnificent music!

John Towner Williams:‘Adventures on Earth’, from ‘E.T the Extra-Terrestrial’
                                   Themes from ‘Jurassic Park’
                                    Extracts from the scores for the ‘Harry Potter’ movies
                                    Suite from ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’
                                    Extracts from the scores for the ‘Star Wars’ movies

Sophia Topouzi Texts
Dimitris Makalias Narrator

The Athens State Orchestra
Conducted by Konstantinos Diminakis

The concert is part of the 2nd International Children’s Film Festival (18-24 Nov.)

Co-produced by the Athens State Orchestra and the Athens Concert Hall 

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