Symposium - Megaron Athens Concert Hall

Symposium Iro Vasalou
Snap Dance Company



Four dancers and a musician interact with stage props and set materials, composing a multi-coloured body collage. These characters, taken from Plato’s Symposium, breathe life into inanimate objects, smells and textures, “dancing” to express love beyond the human dimension. Human and non-human bodies build a choreographic dialogue of ironic mood and provocative proximity, exploring “what love is” in terms of qualities such as soft, liquid or light. Symposium translates into vivid moving images Plato’s praise of love as god, as a physical state, a spiritual quest and a social condition. Dance is the main representational language, transforming the mechanisms of written speech into (kin)aesthetic stimuli. Placing matter at its heart, the performance’s dramaturgical approach takes a neo-materialistic turn that suggests that we should perceive love as the choreography of the lifeless. The set props and stage materials become channels of love, of co-creation and sensory activation.


Co-produced by

SNAP Dance Company

Megaron the Athens Concert Hall


With the financial support of

The Ministry of Culture and Sports



I. & R. Duncan Dance Research Centre


Concept, Choreography

Iro Vasalou









Assistant Choreographer

Rallou Karella

Performers, Co-creators

 Rallou Karella

Konstantinos Chairetis

Lula Amir

Iro Vasalou

Original music, performace

 Aliki Leftherioti (Saber Rider)

Visual Art Advisor

Nicolas Vamvouklis


Lighting Design

Marietta Pavlaki


Photography, video

Alekos and Christos Bourelias / archabyrinth



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