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Just before going in to take her bath, Madam Score interrupts Maestro Baton’s rehearsal with the orchestra and his student, Maestro Batonini, asking him to remind her of her favorite song, the one she sings while bathing. To let him understand what she is referring to, she sings the tune to him softly, and he suddenly realizes that Madam Score does not keep the pauses! Determined to teach her the value of silence and of the pause in music, he steals her notes, leaving Madam Score able to only speak, but incapable of singing. To regain her singing voice, she will have to guess the pieces that the conductor is rehearsing, and for each piece she guesses correctly, she will win back one note. In the course of this adventure, the young spectators get to know the range of a symphony orchestra’s capabilities, by means of a musical walk to the tune of well-known excerpts from classical works, ranging from opera overtures to programmatic and absolute music. four to twelve.

For children 4-12 y.o.


The performance is part of the three-day cycle of events titled “Half-seriously, half-jokingly”, which is organised by The Friends of Music Society and explores the relationship between music and comedy.


Original Idea, Script, Direction

Dimitris Dimopoulos


Dimitris Dimopoulos
Lina Kalpazidou

Camerata Junior - Friends of Music Youth Orchestra

Nikos Haliassas

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