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“The art of the guitar and rebetiko”

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Dimitris Mistakidis
“The art of the guitar and rebetiko”
George Dalaras, Martha Frintzila
 Christos Mastelos

Songs by S. Peristeris, G. Karas, K. Karipis, P. Tountas, K. Skarvelis, V. Papazoglou, M. Chiotis, G. Mitsakis, G. Eitziridis, K. Mpezos, M. Vamvakaris, G. Katsaros, M. Chrisafakis, K. Roukounas, I. Ritsiardis, A. Dalgas
With the participation of George Dalaras, Dimitris Mistakidis, Martha Frintzila, Christos Mastelos, Vasilis Skoutas, Dimitris Mitarakis

George Dalaras, Dimitris Mistakidis, Vasilis Skoutas, Dimitris Mitarakis guitar

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