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The Beggar’s Opera

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John Gay & Johann Christoph Pepusch: The Beggar’s Opera (ballad opera)
New version by Ian Burton and Robert Carsen

In English with Greek surtitles

Les Arts Florissants, William Christie, Robert Carsen: The leading baroque ensemble and its brilliant founder and music director return to the Megaron with an international production signed by modern-day magician of the opera stage!
A provocative satirical tale from 1728 – the dawn of capitalism – set in London and starring thieves and highwaymen, robbers and beggars, prostitutes and pimps. A cynical world animated by John Gay with timeless popular ballads, opera arias, church hymns and folk tunes of the time.
Composed three centuries ago, The Beggar’s Opera is regarded as the first example of its kind.

Director: Robert Carsen
Musical director, concept: William Christie
Set designer: James Brandily
Costume designer: Petra Reinhardt
Choreographer: Rebecca Howell
Lighting designers: Robert Carsen, Peter van Praet
Dramaturgy: Ian Burton
Associate director: Christophe Gayral
Assistant director: Stéphane Ghislain Roussel
Makeup, wigs: Marie Bureau du Colombier
Sound designer: Léonard Françon
Casting director: David Grindrod CDG
Surtitles: Richard Neel

Mr Peachum: Robert Burt
Mrs. Peachum / Diana Trape: Beverley Klein
Polly Peachum: Kate Batter
Macheath: Benjamin Purkiss
Lockit: Kraig Thornber
Lucy Lockit: Olivia Brereton
Jenny Diver: Lyndsey Gardiner
Filch / Manuel: Sean Lopeman
Matt: Gavin Wilkinson
Jack / Gardien de prison: Taite-Elliot Drew
Robin: Wayne Fitzsimmons
Harry: Dominic Owen
Molly: Natasha Leaver
Betty: Emily Dunn
Suky: Louise Dalton
Dolly: Jocelyn Prah

and the musicians of the ensemble Les Arts Florissants
Conductor, harpsichord: William Christie
Musical researche Anna Besson and Sébastien Marq
Music edition Pascal Duc (Les Arts Florissants)

Production C.I.C.T./Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord in co-production with Attiki Cultural Society and
Les Arts Florissants with the help of CA-CIB ; Angers Nantes Opéra ; Opéra de Rennes ; Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg ; Opéra Royal / Château de Versailles Spectacles ; Grand Théâtre de Genève ; Théâtre de Caen ; Edinburgh International Festival ; Festival di Spoleto ; Centre Lyrique Clermont-Auvergne ; Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège ; Opéra de Reims / La Comédie de Reims CDN ; Teatro Coccia-Novara ; Teatro Verdi-Pisa ; Cercle des partenaires des Bouffes du Nord
With the generous support of KT Wong Fondation
Set Construction Angers Nantes Opéra

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