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The Christmas of Karagiozis in New York

Ilias Karellas_


New production

The well-known shadow figure puppeteer Elias Karellas returns with a crazy, brand new Christmas shadow music adventure, full of humour and action. Invited to America by the wealthy Greek American sister of Barba-Giorgos, Karagiozis and his troupe arrive for the Christmas holiday season in New York. Everything seems ideal, yet before they even arrive everything is upended! How do the heroes manage to get trapped inside a supermarket? What is to happen when the old year doesn’t go away? What takes place when the supermarket cashier thinks she’s singing on Broadway? Who is really the aunt from America? Who will emerge victorious, the old year or the new one? The clocks turn back and a magical journey begins. The goods in the supermarket come alive as soon as the Christmas carols are heard. A subversive Christmas story with the Statue of Liberty in the background, full of melodies from favourite musicals – and beyond, with Karagiozis seeking his own freedom before the clock strikes midnight. This year’s musical companion of the popular shadow theatre hero is the unique singer and actress Indra Kane, who will bring us all to our feet with her wonderful adaptations and voice. Children from 4 to 104 years old are welcome to the show.


Co-produced by
Megaron the Athens Concert Hall

Elias Karellas Shadow Theatre Company




Director, Author, Set Designer, Lighting Designer: Elias Karellas

Movement Supervision: Antigoni Gyra

Assistant Director: Olga Papatheodorou

Special Stage Set Constructions: Michalis Raptis

Shadow Figure Constructions: Elias Karellas, Nikolas Tzivelekis

Karagiozis & 20 other Shadow Figures' Voices

Elias Karellas






Idra Kayne



The Aunt from America

Maria Eleftheriadi



Dimitris Schizas guitar

George Kourelis keyboards

George Pouliasis drums

Marco Greenover bass

Christos Papadopoulos clarinet


Shadow Figures Players

Nikolas Tzivelekis

Apostolos Gravvanis

Nikolas Peppas

Dimitra Konsta


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