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The Experiment

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Megaron – The Athens Concert Hall
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The performance that held audiences spellbound and received excellent reviews is back!

The Experiment written by Zeti Fitsiou and directed by Andreas Flourakis, an indisputable success as proved by the sold-out November and December performances, returns to the Megaron Understage from 14 March. This remarkable show, placed in a transparent sphere, with a unique video-art set and lighting specially designed to serve the convention of observation, creates a theatrical-visual environment of high aesthetics.
A family lives in a transparent sphere. A scientist observes them, either openly or without being perceived. The behaviour of the individuals is absolutely dependent on his gaze. What could the relation be between an electron and a human being? The ‘double-slit experiment’ which was carried out in the mid-20th century and proved for the first time that the electron is governed by some sort of conscience, lies at the core of the play. Just like the members of the family, the electrons change when they become the object of observation.

Cast (in alphabetical order) Myrto Alikaki, Konstantinos Elmatzioglou, Petros Lagoutis, Fay Xyla, Menelaos Hazarakis
Playwright Zeti Fitsiou
Director Andreas Flourakis
Music Stavros Gasparatos
Lighting designer George Tellos–Lighting Art
Set design–Video art Christoforos Konstas, Christos ManganasXsquare DesignLab
Costume designer Georgina Germanou
Movement director Katerina Fotiadi
Science consultant Manos Danezis
Guest assistant director Georgia Angouridaki

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