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The Lament’s Myrrh



As part of the events in the lead-up to Easter, Megaron hosts \a thematic concert dedicated to the lament. Giorgos Kotsinis is joined by acclaimed Greek musicians and together they present the evolution of the mournful sighs to the lamentations for the dead sung by women and to the fully developed and independent format of improvised music. Where emotions and the sense of loss are grafted with sounds, creating a captivating and atmospheric musical universe. An emblematic performance, carrying a message of optimism for life, for the strength of the human and for the value of tradition. “In music there is a profound truth, and that truth lies first and foremost in the honest, ageless music that has its roots in the soil.” Christopher King





Kostas Tzimas

Vassilis Serbezis

Giorgos Giannitsis

Panagiotis Aggelakopoulos


“Isokratisses” Women’s Polyphonic Ensemble of Epirus






Special Appearance

Pantelis Thalassinos

Katerina Papadopoulou

and Cantor Grigoris Daravanoglou

Special Guest

Christopher King

Giorgos Kotsinis clarinet

Kostas Karapanos violin

Thomas Konstantinou oud, lute

Stefanos Dorbarakis kanun

Stratis Psaradellis turkish lyra, turkish lute

Nikolas Angelopoulos lute

Manousos Klapakis percussion

Giannis Plagiannakos double bass

Anestis Ioakeimidis pontic lyra

Paris Perysinakis cretan lyra



Union of Epirus Ilion, Association “Hellenic Tradition”

Pontian Association “Argonautai-Komninoi”, “Kourites” Cultural Heritage Centre

Apostolis and Alexis Tasioulis


Dimitra Stogianni narrator

Kostas Charalambous Stage direction supervisor

Giorgos Kotsinis artistic supervision

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