The New Forest - Megaron Athens Concert Hall

The New Forest At the centre of sustainability and of the sustainable development of Northern Evia

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We want the New Forest to vibrate with life, to be reborn and adopted by the local community, with the two emblematic communities –resin collectors and beekeepers– as protagonists of this rebirth. We also want the New Forest to become the protagonist of the dual transition –the green one and the digital one– and a landmark of innovation in the crucial area of resilience to future threats. We want the ecological dimension to prevail, without neglecting the “Forest economy”, in an intelligent and measured way that will set the tone and will be an inspiration for all institutional pillars involved in the Reconstruction (agri-food, tourism, infrastructure, social structures, etc.).


The speech will be followed by a discussion with the public.


In collaboration with

DIAZOMA Association




Stavros Benos, President of DIAZOMA Association and Head of the Committee for the Reconstruction of Northern Evia

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Wednesday 18.10.2023, 19:00


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