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The Sound of Shadows Watch the show, listen to the sound and take part in the play too!



After last year’s success, Elias Karellas welcomes us for the second year in a row to “The Sound of Shadows”! The source of inspiration is the sound, one of the most important components of a shadow theatre performance. What lies hidden behind the lit curtain? How can a single give their voice to so many different figures? How can all the sounds of the performance be produced ‘live’ and how are sound and visual effects combined? On Elias Karellas’ lit curtain, we will meet the giant puppet figures of Karagiozis and his friends, in the play “Karagiozis in the Music Games”. Sounds of the past and sounds of today are mixed together in a fast-paced performance with melodies that will set free the young spectators’ imagination. Our musical companion in this journey will be Areti Ketime, who will enchant us with her voice and her santoor. A performance for children from 4 to 104 years old!

Co-produced by:

Elias Karellas Shadow Theatre Company

Megaron the Athens Concert Hall


shadow theatre performance

Elias Karellas

song, santoor

Areti Ketime


Charis Tsalpara: accordion

Theodora Athanassiou: guitar/lavta

Nikolas Tzivelekis: shadow-figure player




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