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The Thread

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3 December

The great Greek/international production that held audiences and critics spellbound at the Mecca of dance, Sadler’s Wells in London, and at the ancient theatre of Epidaurus.
Two worlds that are seemingly contrary and disparate: folk dances, carrying the Greek heritage through the ages, in juxtaposition to contemporary dance; the world of tradition, representing stability and extroversion, and the world of modern movement, standing for the soul’s quest and the inner self. The Thread, like Ariadne’s mythical thread, leads us to worlds that seem incompatible, shedding light upon deep affinities that people hesitate to accept.
Vangelis’ original music alternately divides and unites these two worlds; Michael Hulls, the ‘choreographer of the light’, creates a unique setting; and the rising designer Mary Katrantzou draws inspiration from Minoan pottery for the costumes. 
Russell Maliphant dares to deconstruct and recompose the dance forms of the past, directing an ensemble of 18 fine Greek dancers that represent both traditional and contemporary dance.

Artistic Director & Choreographer: Russell Maliphant
Original music: Vangelis
Lighting Designer: Michael Hulls
Costume Designer: Mary Katrantzou
Traditional Dance Teaching: Eleni Spathia, Takis Karachalios
Original Concept & Producer: Georgia Iliopoulou

Sadler’s Wells
Marche Teatro
Megaron, The Athens Concert Hall


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