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The Winged Horse a journey to the magic of the Orient

Το φτεροτό άλογο


A great favourite with both children and adults, the theatrical adaptation of the Kazantzakis story in its second year at the Megaron Children’s Stage. Ingeniously directed by Vassilis Mavrogeorgiou, it brings to life a world of kings and princesses, magicians and dervishes, slow-moving caravans and flying horses. Twelve versatile artists, acting as narrators, singing polyphonic
songs and playing musical instruments, take the children, ‘the king’s guests’, on a journey to distant Persia, where princes dare to cause a great upheaval in the name of love.

Andri Theodotou adapted the story for the stage, and Nikos Kypourgos composed the music using traditional melodies and oriental sounds for this
magical exploration of the Arabian nights.

In collaboration with the Kazantzakis Publications
Special thanks are due to Nelly Karra for her contribution to the aesthetics of the performance
For children aged 5 and above
Sponsored by the National Bank of Greece


Theatrical adaptation

Andri Theodotou




Vassilis Mavrogeorgiou


Nikos Kypourgos

Set designer

Thalia Melissa

Costume designer 

Iphigenia Daoundaki

Movement director

Helena Gerodimou

Lighting designer

Stella Kaltsou


Stage fighting

Thanos Dermatis

Song lyrics 

Thanassis Dovris

Assistant director 

Chrysa Vakali

With live music and a company of 12 actors and musicians (in alphabetical order):

Yannis Bisbikopoulos, Thanassis Chalkias, Thanassis Dovris, George
Foundoukos, Helena Gerodimou, Stelios Hadjigeorgiou, Michalis
Koilakos, Sotiris Mentzelos, Grigoris Poimenidis, George Tsourmas,
Michalis Vrettos, Orfeas Zafiropoulos

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