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Theseus and Minotaur The Karagiozis in the Garden of the Megaron

Καραγκιόζης- Κήπος


After the success of the performance “Alexander the Great and the Dragon”, Elias Karellas returns to the Megaron Garden this summer with a brand new production inspired by myths and legends.

The beloved director and skydiver meets Greek mythology and creates an original musical performance with giant shadow theatre figures and live music based on Cretan tradition and more. On stage, the explosive string duo String Demons play and sing unique arrangements and compositions, while Hector Kyriakou gives us colours and aromas of Crete with his lute and his voice.

The Garden of Megaron is transformed into a Minoan palace. Waiting for the sunlight to fall, the journey to Crete together with the Collieries, Barba-Giorgos, Nionios, Morfonios, Stavrakas. The musicians take their place on the stage and while the sun is setting, they accompany us melodically with traditional songs of the sea.

Arriving at the mythical palace of Minos, Theseus and the resourceful Karagiozis will meet the King of Crete and his daughter Ariadne, who will help them face the Minotaur in the labyrinth.

Minos’ palace is illuminated and the paper shadow troupe takes us on a mythical journey to Crete full of action and music.

A summer adventure for children from 4 to… 104 years old!


Co-production: Athens Concert Hall & Elias Karellas Shadow Theatre Company

Sponsor of events in the Garden



Events at the Megaron Garden are held on the green. Spectators are welcome to bring pillows or throws.


Interpretation of shadow theatre

Elias Karellas

Music live on stage

 String Demons
Hector Kyriakou

Shadow theatre figure manipulation

Nikolas Tzivelekis, Dimitra Konsta, Apostolos Gravanis, Nikolas Peppas



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