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Lena Platonos at the Megaron Garden by Maria Farantouri, Savina Giannatou and Yannis Palamidas
Guests Dimitra Galani and Konstantinos Veta

Πλάτωνος -Φαραντούρη


One complete concert, from “Sabotage”, “Lillipopolis”, and “Masks of the Sun” to her settings of Cavafy and Karyotakis poems as well as songs from her anticipated album “Nine in the Light”!

Together with the leading performer Maria Farantouri, she will present part of the lyrical narratives and the surviving works of unknown poets of the Ancient World (presented for the first time in March 2022 at the Acropolis Museum and then in July 2022 at the Elefsina Archaeological Site as part of the events for the cultural capital) while her established performers, Savina Giannatou and Yannis Palamidas will take us on a journey to the most representative songs of the artist from her rich discography!

Her guests will be the great Dimitra Galani to illuminate Platonos’ creations in her own way and Konstantinos Vitas who meets and honours one of his most important influences!

Lena Platonos, the “priestess” of electronic music will be joined by an excellent team of musicians and technicians.


Co-production: Athens Concert Hall & Cantabile Art Events


Sponsor of events at the Garden


Events at the Megaron Garden are held on the green. Spectators are welcome to bring pillows or throws.



Maria Farantouri

Savina Giannatou

Giannis Palamidas


Dimitra Galani

Konstantinos Vita

keyboards, sound design, programming

Stergios T.

keyboards, conducting

Michalis Papapetrou

wind instruments

Vachan Galstian


Michalis Parfyris


Stergios T.  – Lena Platonos

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