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Tsigan, The Gypsy Poem

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A performance full of poetry and music, based on the work Τsigan, The Gypsy Poem, by American poet of Rom descent Cecilia Woloch (Two Sylvias Press, L.A., USA). In an imaginary dialogue with her grandmother, a Gypsy from the Carpathian Mountains, she seeks her identity and origin, and explores Rom history in Europe, America and the rest of the world, through the troubled first
half of the 20 th century culminating in the Second World War, and reaching as far as the present time.

A production of the Paris-based Compagnie Erinna, to a concept and under the direction of Anastasia Politi (winner of the Βοurse de création d’avant- garde Sarane Alexandrian, La Société des Gens de Lettres).

A prelude is included, in memory of young Greek-American poet and actor born in Paris Konstantinos Graham-Politis (1997-2017), who had participated in the first
presentation of the work in France.

Every now and then / De temps en temps / Πότε πότε by Konstantinos Graham is a three-language poem that received an award at the Μatiah Eckhard international poetry contest for young people aged 18-25, and was published in the Florilège international des écrivains en herbes francophones(9ème volume, Académie de Montpellier — Région d’Occitanie, France
2018). The performance includes extracts from Matiah Eckhard’s poetry collection Lointains chants sacrés d’où je suis né (Εuromédia, France).

The performance is in Greek, English, French and Romani.
With Greek subtitles


Compagnie Erinna

Anastasia Politi. With the participation of Vangelis Kotsou’s Epirus Polyphonic Ensemble:: Nikos Menoudakis, Anthoula Kotsou, Vangelis Kotsou, Roula Rifouna, Alexandros Tsimekas



Christos Adamopoulos

Artistic collaborators

Jennifer Bocquentin, Maura Sarantopoulou


Set designer

Αngela Biancofiore

Costume designer

Olga Karpinsky

Recorded music

Philippe Blanchard, with the recorded voices of
Serge Blanchard, Konstantinos Graham, Cecilia Woloch, and Nautilus-Faverges



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