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Wiener Mozartisten

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The “Wiener Mozartisten“ were founded in 2005 at the prompting and encouragement of various important personalities of the Viennese arts scene.
The aim and objective of the ensemble is twofold; to perform the classical repertoire of the String Orchestra, as well as the literature of modern composers, (for example, the world premiere of “Compagnie Masquerade” by Kurt Schwertsik in December 2005 in Vienna).
The instrumental setting of the ensemble varies from string orchestra formation, through to a pure woodwind formation.
The major concern of the ensemble is to nurture and maintain the Viennese music-making ideals, and to foster the “Austrian Dialect” of musicianship.
The “Wiener Mozartisten” consist of a core group of 13 Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra members, who bolster their ranks with invited first class Viennese musicians according to necessity and requirement.
The artistic director and conductor of the ensemble, Hans Peter Ochsenhofer, is himself a veteran member of the
Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, an experienced chamber musician, and Professor for Viola at the Vienna University of Music.

– Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Divertimento in D major, KV 136                   
– Franz Schubert: Rondo for violin and strings in A major, D 438
– Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Eine kleine Nachtmusik, Serenade no 13
                                              for strings in G major, KV 525                           
– Antonín Dvořák : Serenade for strings in E major, op 22

Event organized by FrezArts Congresses & Communication

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