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Wisteria Maiden by Andonis Foniadakis

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A dance performance choreographed by Andonis Foniadakis

Andonis Foniadakis / Apotosoma Dance Co
Artistic Director – Choreographer: Andonis Foniadakis

Music: Julien Tarride
Dramaturgy: Nasia Fourtouni
Lighting Designer: Sakis Birbilis
Costume Designer: Tassos Sofroniou
Set Designer: Eva Manidaki
Masques by Martha Foka

Nitsan Margaliot, Alexandros Stavropoulos,
Alexandros Vardaxoglou, David Essing, Aris Papadopoulos,
Pierre Magendie, Armando Disanto, Joan Vercoutere

Andonis Foniadakis is a choreographer who enjoys an international reputation and has worked with major dance troupes, as well as founding his own ensemble.  In his new work, Wisteria Maiden, he draws inspiration from the Japanese theatre and creates a kinetic and visual world rich in imagination, in which the human body is seen as full of energy, power and sensuality. The power of expression and precision of gesture, together with the concept of metamorphosis, are the key elements in an iconography which seems to offer us an alternative vision of nature.

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