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Mihály Zeke portrait4to3 half close (c) by Gergely Máté Oláh

J.S. Bach: St. Matthew Passion

For every lover of Bach’s music, and of music in general, the St. Matthew Passion is a “sacred” work, a supreme expression of man’s journey towards the divine, a testimony of soul and spirit in their purest, most sincere and deepest dimension. This time the St. Matthew Passion is presented in a semi-staged version, with […]

κοα orchestra

The Greek piano concerto

The Athens State Orchestra, throughout its long artistic career, has always served Greek music faithfully, recognizing its value and interest. It does so in this concert, which is dedicated to the Greek piano concerto. A genre which, with few exceptions, is not so well known and certainly worth getting to know better. Whether it is […]


Hungarian e-motions

100 years since the birth of Ligeti. In the 19th century, Hungarian folk music was identified in most people’s minds with gypsy music, which is why Brahms’ Hungarian dances have the quick-paced dance feel of Romany music. Later, however, the studies by Bartók and Kodály revealed the true identity of the Hungarian musical tradition, which […]


Music – Poetry II

Poetry and music have always been connected by a relationship that is as intimate as it is vital, for both art forms. Poetry seeks the infinite emotional depth of music, and music seeks the clarity of poetry’s meaning and discourse. Great poems become great music and in this evening’s concert, conducted by the versatile maestro […]

ΚΟΑ 2020-21

Mythical Moves

German musical romanticism often draws its themes from the realm of myth, bringing to Apollonian narratives and images the Dionysian dimension of a music charged with the strongest emotions. In tonight’s concert, we will enjoy three milestones of the romantic movement, conducted by the artistic director of the Athens State Orchestra, Lucas Karytinos, with the […]


Some Like it Blue

200 years since the birth of Édouard Lalo Two seminal works of American scholarly music, visionary Charles Ives’s  enigmatic Unanswered Question and George Gershwin’s jazz-inspired Rhapsody in Blue, are contrasted with two European masterpieces, Arnold Schönberg’s expressionistically impassioned Transfigured Night and the virtuosic Spanish symphony for solo violin of the French romantic composer Édouard Lalo. […]


Journey to the Centre of Music

A series of interactive concerts that seek to shed light on what connects contemporary listeners with the timeless symphonic music, bringing it closer to both newcomers to the form and music lovers who are already fans. Videos, speeches and music are combined to interactively portray various individual symphonic music genres. Well-known and obscure historical facts, […]


On the Banks of the Vltava

The musical scene is renewed by a steady stream of young artists who, having won international acclaim while still very young, can sweep audiences away with performances full of vigour and youthful freshness. Canadian-American violinist Timothy Chooi and South Korean cellist Jaemin Han Having, both of whom have garnered prestigious prizes at some of the […]


Liszt and Greek Mythology

A major figure in the international musical scene for decades now, Georgian Eliso Virsaladze is regarded as one of the greatest pianists of our era. The great Sviatoslav Richter made no secret of the fact that he considered her to be an ideal interpreter of Schumann, which certainly fuels our keen anticipation of her performance […]


Grand Vienna

Last season’s sensational collaborations of the Athens State Orchestra with legendary Russian pianist Mikhail Pletnev and acclaimed French conductor Philippe Auguin were truly unforgettable. So it is no surprise that their return this year is awaited even more eagerly, both by the Orchestra’s musicians and by the public, especially as they are going to perform […]


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