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23.1 | Double performance |17:30 & 20:00

Alexandra Trianti Hall

Opening of new presale | Monday 19 December


Dimitris Papaioannou – Athens Concert Hall 

The Athens Concert Hall and Dimitris Papaioannou have scheduled seven new performances of “INK”, after the first nine originally announced performances were sold out.

In five of the new performances, Haris Fragoulis will perform the role that Dimitris Papaioannou created for himself. This surprise is the result of the collaboration between the two artists for the completion of “INK”: Haris Fragoulis entered the process as associate director, helping to develop the role, and Dimitris Papaioannou,  impressed by his stage genius, decided to share with him the performances not only in Athens but also in the world tour that follows.

In the additional Athenian performances we will see:

January 29 Dimitris Papaioannou

On January 18, 22, 25 and 28, Haris Fragoulis

On January 23, Dimitris Papaioannou at 17:30.

and HarisFragoulis at 20:00.

New artistic collaborations

The intensive creative remixing of “INK” materials for the complete version of 2023, which is being presented for the first time at the Megaron, has led to new artistic collaborations.

Dimitris Papaioannou, working on the final presentation of the work, included new and recognized collaborators, such as:


Dimitris Papaioannou’s residency at the Athens Concert Hall is celebrating its 5th anniversary this year. In this workshop, “The Great Damascene”, “Since She”, “Sisyphus/Trans/Form”, “Transverse Orientation” and -unpredictably in lockdown- “INK” were created. 

The productions are international, the collaborations numerous with regular partners the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris, the Festival de Avignon, Sadler’s Wells in London and BAM in New York. The main producer of Dimitris Papaioannou’s works remains the Onassis Cultural Centre. The Athens Concert Hall is his home; the place where everything Papaioannou imagines takes shape is in the basement of the Concert Hall. This year, this collaboration is renewed for five more years. 

7_Antonio Papazis and Haris Fragoulis in INK (2020)_Dimitris Papaioannou_ATHENS_Megaron studio_©photo by Julian Mommert_20221128_JCM_3306

INSIDE | Video-installation

To celebrate the renewal of the residency, the Megaron is offering the large video installation “INSIDE” FREE to the public, which will be presented daily from 17 to 30 January (18:00-00:00) in the Banquet Hall.

“INSIDE” is a six-hour project by Dimitris Papaioannou that invites you to spend as much time as you want with him sitting comfortably or lying down with or without your drink.

Entrance to “INSIDE” is free with priority tickets. Visitors can watch the play for as long as they wish, leave the room and return to it as many times as they wish.

Concept & direction | Dimitris Papaioannou

Music | Konstantinos Vita

Lighting | Alekos Yannaros

9_Dimitris Papaioannou in INK (2020)_photo ©Stelios Theodorou Gklinavos_20221006_DSC02381

INK (2023) 
Concept – Direction – Props – Costumes – Lighting | Dimitris Papaioannou

A play for two 
Dressed man | Dimitris Papaioannou / Haris Fragoulis 

Naked man | Šuka Horn / Antonio Papazis

Music | Cornelios Selamsis
Sound design | David Blouin 
Lighting design | Lucien Laborderie, Stefanos Droussiotis

Production Management + Assistant Director | Tina Papanikolaou
Associate Director | Haris Fragoulis

Team Training | Šuka Horn

Photography + Cinematography | Julian Mommert
Music recorded by musicAeterna

under the direction of Theodoros Kourentzis
The name of the work was given by Angelos Mentis

The octopuses were made by Nektarios Dionysatos

Technical direction | Manolis Vitsaxakis
Stage management – Sound designer | David Blouin   
Stage management – Stage manager | Jela Christopoulou
Lighting design | Lucien Laborderie
Technical support | Marios Karaolis, Martha Kapazoglou, Kostas Kakoulidis

Production Management | 2WORKS in collaboration with POLYPLANITY Productions

Production Associate | Vicky Strataki

Production Assistant | Kali Kavvatha

International Relations + Communication | Julian Mommert

Commissioning and co-production | Torinodanza Festival / Teatro Stabile di Torino – Teatro Nazionale + Fondazione I Teatri / Festival Aperto – Reggio Emilia 
Tour co-producers. 

Supporter | Ministry of Culture and Sport

Since 2017, the Athens Concert Hall has been hosting Dimitris Papaioannou and his team during the creation, preparation and rehearsals of his works.