Leonidas Danezos is a British-Greek musician, composer and founding member of Alcalica among other international groups. In music groups since 1985, Leonidas has been involved in music composition for films, recording, producing and performing live his compositions in his studios in London, Athens and Berlin. His knowledge and love for sound design and the musical scales of Asia Minor, all merge to create an imaginary musical world that is free from all borders and barriers.


Bloom in Dot was born in 2021, in the middle of the winter and during the Covid-19 lockdown, as a result of the creative drive of Leonidas Danezos and Effie Psiachoulia. 

The sudden pause of the planet due to the Covid-19 pandemic inspired the artists to compose new pieces of music – which explore and link together various traditional sounds from Mali, Epirus and Asia Minor, all of them filtered and manipulated using urban analogue electronics – in an attempt to deliver a message of hope for humanity. This effort led to their first EP, which was released recently.

African kora (lyra), Persian santoor, analogue electronics, voice and sound design, all merge to create a unique cinematic, ecstatic, rhythmical and therapeutic soundscape where man-made borders, space and time, cease to exist.


Effie Psiachoulia is an Athens-based Kora player, singer and music composer. She is a graduate of the Ionian University’s postgraduate programme “Composition for Film, Theatre and the Performing Arts”. She has appeared in México, India and Greece and has collaborated with various musicians on her projects Guitakora and Naadistan.

She has been studying classical music in India and traditional music in Mali. She is currently a member of the Greek National Opera’s intercultural orchestra.