M Shop


Music, art, imagination.

Objects of art, designed exclusively for the M Shop. From simple T-shirts with aria quotes, to mugs, bookmarks or totes, everyday objects get the M Shop treatment. Greek and international designers draw inspiration from the music world inhabited by Megaron, the Athens Concert Hall.

Recycled materials are transformed into useful items, and performance programmes, music and memorabilia line the shelves. Special edition books and catalogues as well as copies signed by great personalities of the art world can also be found.

Original, one-of-a-kind designs, become great gifts for children and adults.

The original shop, located off the main entrance, was designed by renowned contemporary Greek architects Maria Kokkinou and Andreas Kourkoulas, with the concept of Trojan Sound, i.e. a separate entity within the greater Megaron building that acts in contrast and in complement to the rest of the space. The geometry of the cylindrical form, the unfinished materials, the sheet metal, wood and plexiglass surfaces, the feeling of moveable furniture, create an autonomous aesthetic that juxtaposes with the wide and airy Megaron spaces.

The completion of the construction was undertaken by Manos Vordonarakis.

An M Shop Annex is located at the Alexandra Trianti building entrance.

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