Winners of the Youth Art Competition for children 6-16

In Cooperation with WWF Hellas

Beethoven loved nature! So do we!

The great composer found in nature a place of relaxation, solitude and inspiration. His 6th Symphony, the “Pastoral”, depicts the harmonious unity between mankind and nature.

The close relationship between the composer and nature was the starting point for the creation of the Beethoven Pastoral Project, conceived by the Organizing Committee of the 2020 Beethoven Jubilee, the UN Secretariat for Climate Change and the Earth Day network with the aim to increase awareness on the risks from climate changes and the need to preserve the natural equilibrium.

Inspired by this project, Megaron – the Athens Concert Hall, as part of its educational program, invited its young audience to participate in a drawing competition themed after Beethoven’s “Pastoral” Symphony no.6 .

The winners are announced below and will be informed by Megaron at the contact details submitted with their entry.


  1. Nancy Koutava, Head of environmental education at WWF and school educational programme coordinator 
  2. Mihalis Econoou, lead musician of the Sunday Morning at Megaron “The pastoral project” concert 
  3. Νatalie Pambouki, MA Art History, representing Megaron, the Athens Concert Hall 
  4. Pelio Papadia, Journalist, Head of Digital Growth and Communications, Talk Magazine 
  5. Irini Persidou, Art Historian, Curator, assists the Educational Programme team of Megaron, the Athens Concert Hall


2014 Category:                Amaryllis Mylona (6 years old)

2013 Category:                Dimitris Papadakis (7 years old)

2012 Category:                Manoussos Frangiadakis (8 years old)

2011-2010 Category:     Niki Aggeli (10 years old)

2009-2008 Category:     Haralambos Vassilakis (11 years old)

2007-2004 Category:     Ioanna-Panagiota Fotopoulou (16 years old)