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Ηalls and meeting spaces of Megaron

Μegaron has earned international plaudits for the quality of its acoustics.

The Athens Concert Hall is a fine example of modern architecture, dominating Vas. Sofias Avenue with its austere Doric lines. Prominent Greek and foreign architects and engineers were involved in designing a venue that would allow production of events and organisation of international academic conferences to the highest standards, integrating state-of-the-art solutions to meet the complex needs of such a large and busy cultural centre.
The Concert Hall’s acoustics are superb, comparable with those of some of the best concert venues in the world. One of the main reasons for the high quality achieved is that the acoustic designs were commissioned first, determining the specifications then set for the architectural plans.
The whole Concert Hall is divided structurally into different sections, each enjoying complete static autonomy so that no noise or vibrations will be carried from one venue to another. This allows different events to be staged simultaneously in the various different venues.
Enjoy a tour of the Concert Hall, visiting the concert halls and rooms that have been graced by world-famous divas, leading conductors and many of the greatest luminaries of the international music scene. Enjoy a drink in the beautifully designed foyers, take a relaxing walk through the impressive marble Atrium of the Muses or the Concert Hall’s Garden, and enjoy a meal, with the whole city of Athens spread out before you, at the Fuga restaurant.

muses-foyer 360

360° Tour

Tour Megaron, the Athens International Conference Centre, in 360


Nikos Skalkotas Hall

The multiple-use Nikos Skalkotas Hall has 400 seats, a versatile venue that it can accommodate demanding events of all kinds.

Αιθουσα Μητροπουλος

Dimitris Mitropoulos Hall

Designed for chamber music concerts and recordings but also fully equipped for conference event uses.

MMA-Christos Lambrakis Hall_c-Καραμανιαν-1 - site

Christos Lambrakis Hall

One of the best-designed concert halls anywhere in Europe.


Banqueting Hall

A venue ideal for official dinners, conferences, presentations and live performances with a 1000m2 foyer space.


Alexandra Trianti Hall

A flexible venue with a 1,600 seating capacity, 4 alternate stages and state-of-the-art sound & lighting system for demanding events.


Conference Suites

12 smaller meeting rooms which can be used for break out or parallel sessions, business meetings, press conferences, slide reception areas, organising committee headquartersr, training and seminars.

Atrium of the Muses panoramic

Atrium of the Muses & Muses Foyer

The Atrium of the Muses, an exterior atrium space of 1,520m2, serves as a natural open-air extension to Megaron’s interior.

Kipos MMA -11661-161 - cAkriviadis-site

The Megaron Garden

An oasis of green within the city, and a great venue for educational and artistic activities, open to the public from 10am to sunset each day.

Νew Exhibition Space

Εxhibition Spaces

Megaron can host events and conferences of all kinds, providing high-quality services in multiple halls and spaces with capacity ranging from 400 to 2.000m2.


Conference Facilities

The Athens Concert Hall hosts events and conferences of all kinds, offers top-quality services and organizational back-up, featuring venues with capacities ranging from 400 to 2,000 persons.


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