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Alexandra Trianti Hall


The Alexandra Trianti Hall

The Alexandra Trianti Hall has an exceptionally flexible stage allowing an event to be installed whilst another event is running. It is ideal for events with complex staging requirements and for plenary sessions.



  • 4 stage platforms 4m x 16m each which can be moved simultaneously or independently of one another
  • Central stage revolve with 3 independent sections which can move simultaneously or independently of one another
  • Left and right side stage and left and right understage side stage
  • Ability to rake the stage from 0 to 10%
  • 44 Stage fly bars and four panorama fly bars
  • Direct access from the loading bay to stage level for 1 x 18m truck (45 tons) plus 1 x 10m truck
  • 4 Remote control cameras for archive recording or direct projection
  • Individual in-seat voting system, microphone and table
  • State-of-the-art sound and lighting system
  • Simultaneous translation for 9 languages
  • Fixed seating theatre style capacity 1,500 & 1,200 m2 total foyer space

Technical details (.pdf file)

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