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Visitor Information

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How to get here

The Concert Hall is situated at the corner of Vas. Sofias Avenue and Kokkali St.
This is a location most people know and you’ll find it easy to get to.
If you come by taxi, just tell the driver you want the Concert Hall. He won’t need any further directions!

You can also get here by public transport from any part of Athens:
•  By metro, it’s just two minutes from the Concert Hall Metro Station to the door of the Concert Hall
•  By bus, buses Ε14, Α5 and 550 stop right in front of the Concert Hall
•  By electrically driven bus, buses 10 and 3 stop right in front of the Concert Hall

Visitors to Athens can easily find the Concert Hall:
•  From the airport you can take bus Χ95, or a 35 minute ride on the Metro will bring you to the Concert Hall
•  From the railway station, it’s just 30 minutes to the Concert Hall Metro station 
•  From Piraeus it’s just a few minutes ride on the Metro.

If you come by car you can park in the Concert Hall’s new three-level parking facility, which has spaces for 750 cars. The entrance is on Kokkali St. and the facility is open from 6am to 2am every day. For more information, call 210 7282311.




A state-of-the-art parking facility in the centre of Athens

The Athens Concert Hall’s three-level underground parking facility has spaces for 750 cars, and a total surface area of 32,000 square metres. Equipped with state-of-the-art entry-exit systems it is open every day and available for all, regardless of which events are being staged.
The facility is fully signed for the convenience of drivers and pedestrians, and has 15 dedicated spaces for persons with special needs on each level.

The facility is open from 6am to 2am every day.
The charge is 3 € for the first three hours, and 1 € for each extra hour from 6 a.m. and up to one hour before the performances opening.
Monthly charge: 100 €.

For holders of tickets for events at the Concert Hall, the total charge is 5 €. The maximum permitted parking time is from one hour before the event begins to one hour after it ends.

Just a short walk from the Metro station, with its entrance on Kokkali St., the Concert Hall parking facility is the ideal place to leave your car while you visit the centre of Athens.

For more information call us on +30 210 7282311.

Free Wi-Fi

Wireless Internet at the Athens Concert Hall is free and accessible in all areas of the Concert Hall.

You can relax in the Concert Hall foyers, enjoy a coffee or a drink, before or after the performance, and surf the net or check your email using your laptop or smart-phone.

To log on:
1. Search for wireless networks
2. Choose the OMMA network
3. Start up your browser programme to connect to the internet

To choose the Concert Hall wireless network you will need a laptop or smart-phone.
Unfortunately there is no wi-fi access from the garden or Fuga restaurant.


There is easy access to the Concert Hall for the disabled, and there are specially designed restrooms on all levels, as well as trolley bars.

If you are arriving from Vas. Sofias Ave., use the ramp at the entrance to access the ticket office and foyer. From here you can take the lift to stalls entrances 2 and 3 if you are attending an event in the Christos Lambrakis Hall, or the internal lift to entrance 1 if your event is in the Dimitris Mitropoulos Hall. Both these venues have a specially designated space to accommodate three wheelchairs.

If you are attending an event in the Alexandra Trianti Hall, Nikos Skalkotas Hall or Banquet Hall, or if you wish to visit the exhibition area, conference facilities or Lilian Voudouri Music Library, there is a ramp at the new entrance on Vas. Sofias St., leading to the main foyer, from where there are ramps and lifts to all areas.

To get to the Alexandra Trianti Hall you will take the internal lift at entrance 5, which brings you to stalls entrance 1, where there is a specially designated area for 3 wheelchairs. In the Nikos Skalkotas Hall there is space for 2 wheelchairs, while the Banquet Hall has a level floor and no fixed seats.

If you come to the Concert Hall by car, you can park in the special disabled parking places on all three levels of the Concert Hall parking facility. Then follow the special signs to the lifts, from where you can access all areas of the Concert Hall.

There is also access to the gardens of the Concert Hall and Fuga restaurant, either from V. Sofias St. or from Kokkali St.
When you book tickets for an event at the Concert Hall, please let the booking office staff know if you have a disability, so that they can seat you appropriately in the auditorium.

The Concert Hall has a special wheelchair and attendant available to help those with impaired mobility. Please telephone before your visit to make arrangements with the Public Areas Department.

You can call the Department on +30 210 7282324. They will be happy to provide any information or clarification you require.

The Concert Hall was the recipient of a Helios award (public buildings category) from the European Commission, in recognition of its provision for the disabled.


Megaron, the Athens Concert Hall, prioritises the safety of its audience and its personnel, and applies all the necessary precautionary measures against the spread of Covid-19 in all areas.
Specifically, for events held at Megaron, the following measures are in place:

• The audience is requested to be at the venue one to one and a half hours before the beginning of the performance, and to follow the instructions given by Megaron staff to exit the venue and to maintain social distancing.

• Seats are placed in sets of two, with appropriate distances between them. Spectators are requested not to move their seat or move from their seat during the performance.

• The audience is requested to remain seated throughout the performance.

• Wearing non-surgical face protection masks is mandatory when entering the venue, throughout the performance, and when exiting the venue for the audience and the staff.

• Megaron staff monitors adherence to the protection measures and the audience is required to follow their instructions at all times.

• Antiseptic gels are available for public use at the entrances and at the bars.

• Bars are open, and their services are fully compliant with all requirements of food and drink preparation and serving during Covid-19.

• The maximum number of tickets purchased per show per person is 2.

• There is no intermission.



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