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The Friends of Music Society


The Friends of Music Society, a legal entity in private law, was founded in 1953 at the initiative of the famous singer Alexandra Trianti, Lambros Eftaxias, later to be Minister for Public Works, and Christos D. Lambrakis, who succeeded Alexandra Trianti as President of the Association in 1977 and remained in the post until 2009.

Lambrakis worked tirelessly as President of the Association to realise its objectives: the construction of Megaron-The Athens Concert Hall, the founding of a music library, the promotion of Greek composers, the support for young performers and artists, the organising of education and research programmes around the country to introduce young people from all over Greece to the world of music and the arts.

Today, the Friends of Music Society continues its important cultural and educational mission under the guidance of an eleven-member board of trustees, chaired by Panayiotis Dimaras.

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