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«Wolfgang Amadeus» – Athens Philharmonia Orchestra Piano Days@Megaron

Φιλαρμόνια @Σπύρος Κατωπόδης


The weekend ends with a milestone concert dedicated to the beloved composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In 2023, Megaron joins the distinguished Steinway Prizewinners Concert Network (SPCN) and its initiative to introduce to international the winners of the leading piano competitions worldwide.  The concert will open with 18-year-old Olga Davnis, winner of the first prize at the 2022 International J.S. Bach Competition in Leipzig, who will be the soloist in Mozart’s Piano Concerto no. 24 in C Minor, K. 491, while the concert’s second part will feature representatives of three generations of pianists — 14-year-old Filippos Klapsinakis, internationally acclaimed Vassilis Varvaresos and the great Jean-Louis Steuerman — in the Concerto for three pianos in F major, K. 242. At the podium will be Giorgos Ziavras.



Olga Davnis α’ reward Bach Competition Leipzig 2022

Philippos Klapsinakis

Vassilis Varvaressos

Jean Lοuis Steuerman

Athens Philharmonia Orchestra


Giorgos Ziavas


W. A. Mozart: Don Giovanni, Εισαγωγή
Κοντσέρτο αρ. 24 για πιάνο σε ντο ελάσσονα, K. 491
La clemenza di Tito, Εισαγωγή
Κοντσέρτο για τρία πιάνα σε φα μείζονα, K.242 “London”



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